alchemy slow living: to smell a rose

By pot & box (other events)

Thursday, October 13 2016 9:00 AM 11:00 AM

interested in the alchemical science and magic of plants, monique mixes up botanical perfume  in her ferndale studio. alchemy is a naturalistas daydream of a hideaway that features facials, body art and life-style boutique.

on a daily basis our sense of smell is assaulted. in many ways we have been trained away from the appreciation of the subtler natural fragrance in favor of the fakey man-made options.

there is a movement afoot to reintroduce people to the world of natural fragrance with perfumes created only with natural elements (like flowers and roasted sea shells).

this workshop is an appreciation in the fragrance of one iconic flower: the rose. in a single flower we can experience how terroir and method of extraction influence fragrance -- how the humble lemon can elevate even a rose... the evolution of the fragrance of rose leaf absolute worn on the skin.

through one flower we begin to see how vast our options are when wearing scent from flowers instead of made in a factory and learn to smell again. this workshop is a hands-on tour of the rose with a take away natural perfume. 

this is a separately ticketed workshop, priced at $75, and you must also purchase a day pass to enter the DWF main space to attend this workshop.